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B’nei Mitzvah Project

Support Our Heroes

Dedicate your Mitzvah Project to improving the lives of disabled IDF veterans

The ZDVO- Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization – is an organization supporting IDF soldiers who have been wounded while serving in defense of the State of Israel, by providing rehabilitation services, scholarships, cultural and educational programs and specialized equipment. The Beit Halochem rehabilitation, sports and recreation centers are an integral part of the rehabilitation that ZDVO provides.

Partner with us for your B’nei Mitzvah Tzedakah Project.

 With your generous donation of $1,800, your son/daughter's name will be placed on the B'nei Mitzvah Tree at Jerusalem's Beit Halochem.

You will be doing Tikkun Olam, helping to repair the world, by helping these veterans. The Tzedakah that you raise among your friends and family will support these centers in their programming in ways of your choosing.

Specialized Rehabilitative Equipment


Academic Scholarships

Individual special treatments

Upkeep of the Beit Halochem facilities

Dedicatory Plaque
(at Beit Halochem)
Certificate of